Voice and Broadband

GCS can assist you in choosing the right voice and broadband plan. All our vendors have a 99.9 proven uptime track records and offers fully-loaded services and flexible packages that come standard with all the voice and broadband business basics you’ll need. In addition, you have the option to add more than 30 productivity-enhancing products to your already robust lineup – so as your business grows and changes; your voice and broadband package keeps you connected with the service that’s right for you.

Voice service provides your customer’s access to your employees at a moment’s notice and offers a variety of calling features like call forwarding and three-way calling. Cloud PBX solution gives you enhanced PBX features, high availability, and performance without the high upfront costs associated with an on-premise solution. We are committed to serving small businesses like yours with high quality, flexible and affordable leading technologies from Cisco, Microsoft and more.

Cloud PBX
Get a full-featured, high performance business phone system without the high equipment costs.
ManagedVoice with SIPconnect
Reliable and flexible Voice over IP (VOIP) for your IP PBX that prioritizes voice over data.
Office Edition
Small business package of services including local and long distance calling services, dedicated Internet access, and a suite of business applications.
Audio and Web Conferencing
Whether connecting multiple offices, working away from your desk or hosting discussions with potential customers, collaborate anytime on a moment’s notice.
Local Phone and Calling
Clear, quality phone connection with a quick and easy transfer from your current provider.
Broadband Internet
Broadband for integrated services and applications.
Multinet MPLS Enterprise Edition
Securely connect branch offices, customers, employees and suppliers under one virtual network.
Calling Card
Convenient long distance when you are away from the office.
Long Distance/International Calling
Take advantage and control costs with our simple-to-use rate structure and competitive price plans.
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Share your data and office network across multiple locations and while working remotely.
Voice-only PRI
Voice-only PRI digital service provides 23 voice channels (23 simultaneous calls) for inbound and outbound calling
Laptop Access
Stay connected on our 3G/4G networks, whether you’re traveling across town or across the country. Say goodbye to hunting for Wi-Fi “hotspots.”
Toll-free is a cost-effective way to increase call volumes and expand your market share. Let customers, employees and partners around the country conveniently contact you at no cost to them.
Wireless Backup
For businesses that require an uninterrupted data connection even during a disaster. In the event of a service outage, your data services will automatically fail over to a 3G wireless connection.


Our Guarantee Service Philosophy

guaranteeWe at Geeks Computer Solutions adhere to a basic standard of ethics that we deem necessary to the successful conduct of our business. We are, above all, honest and straightforward. We charge only for the hours required to get the job done, no more and no less. If we cannot fix, we will not charge.

We do not needlessly run the hours up just to create a larger invoice. We never take advantage of a customer’s possible ignorance in IT matters and issues.

We firmly believe that our success as a company depends on our delivery of the most professional, most effective IT consulting, planning and services to our clients and that the quality of our work should exceed their expectation.

Located at 2953 Forest Hill Blvd. We take walk in clients for service and repair with a flat fee of $95 for services.